About Disability Sports Wales

Disability Sports Wales is a community-based site, and we’re here to promote disability sports. Encouraging players of all physical and mental levels to engage in sports is a priority for us in a world where more people are spending time indoors than outdoors.

It’s time to get everyone – of all physical levels – out on the football field and playing sports they never thought they would be able to enjoy.

About Our Community

We understand the hardships of disabled players. There is no greater heartbreak than having to sit on the sidelines, while others play a game that you love. And now there is no reason for people of all ability ranges to be able to play football – or any other sport.

The community is growing.

Parents and players want a community that allows them to keep up on the latest developments in disability sports.

A lot has changed in just the past 10 – 15 years. There was a time when players with disabilities weren’t able to join squads or enjoy regional play. Now, players and squads with disabled players are being seen on the international level.

We welcome everyone to join us so that we can provide the latest and greatest information to disabled players – both active and potential players.

Our Mission for Disabled Players

Statistics from October 2015 show that there are 15,010 people registered with learning disabilities. Many of these people are living in community placement and others are in residential establishments.

There are 76,880 people with physical and sensory disabilities. And 62% of these people have a physical disability only.

People from all walks of life and ages are disabled, but senior leagues for sports are popular. Disability leagues didn’t come into play until 2005 when over 532 players registered for the Welsh Football Trust.

Times have changed, and disabled people can join teams, play on the national and international level, and have fun at the same time.

There is no reason for people to stay stuck on the sidelines any longer.

Disability Sports Wale tries to bring together parents of disabled children and adults as well as disabled persons to be able to be part of a community. Let’s help the world of sports open their doors even further to disabled people.

It’s an opportunity to make a change in the world around us.

Join the conversion by becoming a member of our community. Let your thoughts be heard.